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Default Young couple moving to Palm Springs-

After searching the web for palms springs relocation website, this is what I came up with. I am probably going to be moving to PS in a few months with the company I work for (I'd be working at a resort in Palm springs). My wife and I are young (mid-20's) and have no kids. My wife is a nurse and would be looking for work. It looks like there's two main hospitals on either side of the main PS area that would probably work well. I have a few questions that some one may be able to answer:

What's the rough breakdown of PS 'hoods? What we are looking for a is a small house (2 bdrm) or duplex in a nice area..but nothing too "condo"-ish. think more cottage. It seems like everything is reasonable as far as price goes, but is there any specific area that's good to live in? i don't really care about living around lots of young people, although i don't really want to live in a 55+ community. what's a rip off? I saw a small 2bdrm home for 1400..? good, bad? Also, do i really need a garage?

Is traffic ever bad? the way it looks on map quest is that everything is accessible in 10-15 minutes. Is this right? we're coming from a town of 250,000, that's pretty low-traffic (AM "rush hour" adds 10 minutes to my 10 minute drive). I'm just trying to decide if we should try and find a place close to my work, or if it really matters at all. I don't really care about driving 10-20 minutes.

Finally (this has probably been posted elsewhere on here), is there any site i can go to with any of this info, or search rentals (other than CL)?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!


PS- this might be a shot in the dark, but can anyone provide an info on nuring wages for progressive/icu nursing in the area? She's not really interested in a dr.'s office. I'm just curious what the starting wage is out there. thanks!
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