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Default Thongs at pools in Palm Springs

I enjoy going to the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs area several times a year if I can make it. I love the hot desert sun and the warm sensual feel you get when laying out in the sun, oiled up with as little on as possible. I have found that there are quite a few places where you can wear thongs and g-strings comfortably; although don't expect to see a whole lot of other folks wearing minimal swimwear also. Sometimes a resort will not have a problem with it at all and well tell you to "wear whatever you are comfortable with, as long as you wear something" and other places will not bother you unless others complain.

The majority of the time I just wear a tiny g-string at the pool. Here are some places that I have been to or would like to go:

The Renaissance has a beautiful pool, comfortable lounges and cocktail service on the pool deck. The servers are great and very friendly. Probably my favorite place to go.

The Hilton is also a nice place to wear minimal swimwear and they have recently remodeled, and I have not been back there yet.

The Villa Royale is a beautiful boutique inn, and I spent several days there at the north pool last year in a tiny g-string; great restaurant and bar also.

Cally Lily Inn is a beautiful, small inn and is very comfortable with European style sunbathing. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a quiet atmosphere.

The Viceroy is a very nice place, but expensive. Spent 5 days here. Wore a thong most of the time at the south adult pool. Got hassled once by management and told it did not fit their image; so I covered up for an hour and then went back to the thong. Not sure what they meant by "image", since there were gay couples making out in the pool some topless sunbathing. In the late afternoons when the sun would reach the spa in the back, I would lay out there in a g-string.

Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel a great place to wear minimal swimwear, but the clientele is a little sketchy. A lot of rednecks and kids during summer vacation. Sometimes you can get hassled by the clientele. I have spent days here wearing a g-string and really enjoyed it.

The Spring in Desert Hot Springs is beautiful and a great place for sunbathing. You can stay overnight or buy a day use pass.

Also Two Bunch Palms is probably the most unique and beautiful place in the area. I spent several days there a couple of years ago, and sunbathed by the Cool Pool and used the Grotto wearing only a g-string again.

Hope this helps some of you. I have found that is you enjoy wearing minimal swimwear in the desert area there are a lot of places to go and enjoy yourself without hassle. Try to avoid the obvious family and downscale places that may be full of kids and less than tolerant rednecks (although there are probably exceptions). I have found that the more upscale places are more cosmopolitan and fun anyway.

Some other places that I would like to go to and have heard are minimal swimwear friendly are the Korakia Pennisone and the Horizon Hotel.

If anyone else has any other experiences or suggestions, please post. This is a great thread, and with all of the people enjoying a "minimal swimwear experience" in the desert, it would be fun to hear about it.

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